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Office cleaning professionals to clean and dust furniture, remove office trash, vacuum carpet, mop floors, and clean windows.

Utah Commercial Office Cleaning & Maintenance

We're highly respected on custom commercial office cleaning services we provide to all of our clientele. Our cleaning services include everything from ceilings to floors such as air vents, walls, pictures, partitions, windows, desks, chairs, baseboards, and a multitude of different floors ranging from wood floors, tile, granite, slate, or concrete mopping, stripping and waxing.

Trash Removal, Dusting & Vacuuming

Part of our office cleaning activities involves collecting and removing office trash as we replace the trash can liners. As we replace the can liners, we also dust office cubicle partitions, glass panels. We also dust furniture and tables without disturbing or removing any paper work.

Besides removing office trash, we also clean and wipe down trash cans exterior surfaces. As many of your customers dispose of their trash and cigarettes before coming into your establishment that is of course some of the critical area where we concentrate our cleaning efforts to provide a good impression to new and returning customers.

Restroom Cleaning & Sanitation

Our highly trained staff is particularly instructed in restrooms cleaning and sanitation. We pay special attention to restrooms, where our competition usually neglects. We start by removing dust and cobwebs from areas such as air vents, wall corners, mirrors, and pictures. Restrooms partitions are particularly notorious for accumulating dust.

We take time to spot clean restrooms fixtures, sinks and counters as mirrors reflect the cleaning conditions around. Tiled and marbled counters are cleaned and sealed to avoid mildew and hard-water buildup, especially around fixtures and sink drains.

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