Springville Commercial Office Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Office Cleaning, Floor Stripping & Waxing, Carpet & Window Cleaning

Springville Janitorial Office Cleaning Services

As a local professional company offering commercial janitorial office cleaning, Utah Cleaning works hard to keep your Class A, B or C rated office building with that professional appearance you expect so you can focus on what most important to you: your customers.

With a highly trained staff, high quality supervision, Green Seal cleaning products and appropriate equipment for each specific job, Utah Cleaning can handle any schedule you would expect from a commercial janitorial services company to support your office and building maintenance needs.

Besides offering quality commercial cleaning services, Utah Cleaning also ensures compliance with security procedures and programs established by our clientele.

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Springville Floor Stripping & Waxing, Marble Polishing & Maintenance Services

There are quite a few things that You, as a business, should understand about floor stripping, waxing and maintenance program. All of these factors will influence the quality of the floor, and impact the durability of your waxed floors.

How to maintain your floor after being stripped and waxed?

There are basically 4 steps you should follow that would maxime the life of your recently waxed floor. You can also extend its life through a carefully planned maintenance program.

  • Quality of Wax: Conventional or Green Wax
  • Number of Wax Coatings: Requires correct amount of coats based on solids per coat
  • Amount of Traffic: It impacts your floor appearance
  • Maintenance Program: Use of correct cleaning equipment and products

Download the white paper on how to maintain your stripped and waxed floor guidelines to maximize your floor life cycle.

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Springville's Medical, Dental, Commercial & Industrial Office Cleaning Services

Utah Cleaning offers more than just office cleaning! Our commitment in Springville is to become an one-stop professional cleaning company providing janitorial services and scheduled building maintenance to clean waxed vinyl floors, marble floor polishing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, restroom sanitation, one-time deep cleaning, and post construction cleanups to single or multiple locations.

Springville Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning

As part of our commitment to be your one-stop janitorial company, Utah Cleaning has professional carpet cleaning services available to your single or multiple commercial locations. Carpet cleaning is not a science, but it does require a methodology for best results. Many brand name carpet cleaning competitors only use a Wand to clean carpeted floors. Because wand carpet cleaning alone was not meant for deep cleaning, frequent treatment and a rigorous maintenance program is required. In most cases, truck mount wand carpet cleaning competitors can't even remove hard soiled and spotted carpeted floors.

Here's how we correctly use the proper equipment and techniques to clean carpeted floors:

  • Apply carpet emulsifier to brake down build ups
  • Apply a shampooer
  • Use a low speed machine with a bonnet pad to losen deep build up
  • Remove losen soils with an extractor
  • Apply carpet stain protector

Companies using wands take on average 15 minutes per room while charging customers 5 - 10 times the amount they should. In most cases, it takes longer to get the equipment in place to clean carpets than it takes them to clean your carpets.

If you have no spots in your carpets, a wand carpet cleaner should do the job, but for spotted carpet wand cleaning will not work. Even if spots don't come out with a wand, usually still pay for a full price.

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Springville Commercial & Residential Window Cleaning

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Springville Post Construction Cleanups

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Cities that we offer janitorial services to:

Customer Testimonials

What are customers saying? "...you were the most competent and friendly cleaning company we have dealt with in years!" R. F.Recommended Cleaner
"...for a period of four years, I found Utah Cleaning to be very dependable, trustworthy, thorough, and efficient!" M. G. R. - D.D.S.Recommended Cleaner
"...we hired them to do a thorough cleaning of our new facility. Utah Cleaning was fast, thorough, and on time!" J. K.Recommended Cleaner